Inspiring custom built and community created

Immersive SPACES

Inspiring custom built and community created

Custom Worlds

3D artists

Build your own

Download our Blender plug-in and learn more about our pipeline World Builder Guide.

Use your creations freely and submit your world for others to use or purchase.

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Custom built for you

Commision a world

We can build a world for you or connect you with one of our verified builders Get in touch for more details.

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Submissions due 5/31

3d world builder Competition

Calling all 3D artist! Create the premiere performance venue for the metaverse! $5000 in prizes, industry judges and chance for your work to be featured for big performances.

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"an online world that erases boundaries"

garret Sloane

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"NOWHERE is the backstage of the Internet!"

Bill Bragin

CEO, Global Fest


How-to invite participants?

How to move around in a space?

How do you share your screen?

How-to use echo cancelation?

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